Humanize Digitalization!

Humanize Digitalization!

Our Umami Ware Flavor – smart process consulting, excellent development, sound data science and creative design. Simple, digital, intuitive with UMAMI WARE!
Johannes Fischl
Johannes Artmeier
Ilya Kulbachny


Velocity is key!Johannes Fischl, Co-Founder, Business LeadLinkedin
Data leads the way!Johannes Artmeier, Co-Founder, Technical LeadLinkedin
Every problem has a code!Marius Orha, Senior Software EngineerLinkedin
Great design is invisible!Ilya Kulbachny, Creative DirectorLinkedin

Customer Journey –Your way to AI apps!

Accelerate processes!

  • Process Mining
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Lean Management

Structure and
store data!

  • Evaluate data storage
  • Define data architecture – consistently and company-wide

AI-apps create new knowledge!

  • Designing AI models
  • Optimize algorithms
  • App design (UX/UI)
  • Connecting surrounding systems
  • Testing and validation

Integrate gained knowledge!

  • Automate business processes
  • Exploring new business models
  • Boosting innovative potential

Change and implement!

  • Digital change management
  • Training
  • Support

Our approach –Become agile!

Our approach -Become agile!

Mensch im Mittelpunkt!

Human Centric!

We’re implementing fast! Our approach: Understanding needs, finding out what works and this individually for each application. This is how we achieve efficiency along the entire value chain.
In every phase of the customer journey we proceed methodically and deliver functioning partial results. (Discover, Define and Strategize, Execute, Launch and Transition). 


1. Discover!

Gaining a complete understanding of our clients’ business and their environment is essential. With our industry knowledge, we can provide you with straightforward advice and assistance in identifying possible applications.

We speak your language!


2. Define and Strategize!

We develop clear actions to achieve the phase objectives. 
By identifying and analysing existing processes, we can then develop the prototype for the validation process.

We have your objectives in view!


3. Validate!

Once the concept is defined, it is validated. Adjustments and improvements can also be made before the launch.

We test carefully!


4. Launch!

We always make sure that the concept leads to an independent result. Functionality and acceptance are our top priority. 

We go your pace!


5. Transition!

Only a successful outcome initiates the next phase.
The results serve the further advancement of the project.

Seamless transitions!

Mensch im Mittelpunkt!

Our WorkTake a look!

Functionality and Design completed with (artificial-) intelligence!

We are always up-to-date! Our tech experts are constantly on the hunt for new trends with an eye to your business objectives.

Besides the technical knowledge, we assure project targets are reached in a smart and measurable manner with the help of our experienced and certified project managers.

Security and Data Governance!

We work exclusively with reliable partners. This makes us fast and high-performance – no matter if Google Cloud Platform, Azure or AWS, we advise you!

Your data is always on strong and scalable infrastructures that are reliable and secure. This helps your company to minimize the risk of downtime and guarantee compliance. Our highly experienced developers always pay attention to data protection by design, data governance and data ownership. This set of actions keep you in line with the GDPR!




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Humanize Digitalization!
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